An athlete’s mindset can be the delineating factor between being a finalist and a champion. Christa introduces athletes to various strategies to refine focus, manage stress and enhance performance.

The ELEVATE platform integrates traditional strength and conditioning methods with neural mobility, nutrition, recovery strategies & sports vision reinforcing athletic movement skills. In return, athletes demonstrate increased speed, power, agility & coordination.

Optimal athletic performance is a complex equation, to solve it, you must know all the variables. The ELEVATE program is designed to identify strengths, correct imbalances & enhance developing skill sets. We build an athletic foundation in Mind & Body to ELEVATE the Game.



Christa Pryor is simply amazing both as a person and strength coach. The amount of knowledge and progress I gained with my body was the best thing that could’ve happened for me as an athlete. She didn’t just train me, she taught me. I learned what my body needs and the why behind everything we do. Most importantly she taught me to listen to my body. I experienced huge gains in my strength, stability, speed and ability to dynamically move not only in the gym but also on the court. Christa Pryor is a key part of my team and my support as I travel the world to compete.
Amanda Dowdy
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